Let's enjoy and discover the Vosges mountain summer, like winter !

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In the Ballons des Vosges Nature Park, at the heart of the Vallée des Lacs (lack valley) and in a classified site.

At an altitude of 750 m, by theLac de Longemerand at the edge of the forest.

In a quite environment and in a beautiful scenery of montain ridges, forests, rivers and lakes for a active exploration the the nature.

Terraced space with a view on the lackand on the Vosges summits from each accomodation.


Away from the centre of the village Xonrupt-Longemer :

Away from the town Gérardmer :

Away from the lack :

Away from the bus station :

Away from the downhill ski area :

Away from the cross country ski area :


2 Km

5 Km

50 m

6 Km

2 to 8 Km

1 to 8 Km 


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 GPS coordinates : 48.068861, 6.947141